Water Softeners in Herriman and Eagle Mountain

Hard water in Herriman and Eagle Mountain Utah is some of the hardest water in the state of Utah. Many cities in Utah have extremely hard water like Saratoga Springs, Payson, Tooele, and Bountiful just to name a few.

    We recently tested Eagle Mountains hard water at 33 GPG or grains of hardness. While next door in Saratoga Springs, Utah their water tested at 16 grains or GPG. Right next to Saratoga Springs is Lehi, Utah, which tested at 10.5 GPG, which is still considered extremely hard in the water industry. The same water softener in Herriman or Eagle Mountain would use 2-3 times more salt and water in a year than if it were in Lehi because their water hardness is 2-3 times harder.

    People ask us at “Expert Water Systems” all the time, Which water softener should I buy for my area?”. I always answer that question by asking a few questions of my own. How hard is your water? How long do you want the water softener to last; or, how long do you plan on living in your home? How efficient do you want your water softener to be? How much are you willing to spend to get the quality of water softener you need? With those questions in mind, let's have a conversation. 

If you are only going to live in Herriman or Eagle Mountain for one or two years then let’s not spend a lot of money on a water softener. The harder your water  the more your water softener has to work to keep soft water in your home. For example you wouldn’t pull a big trailer with a little car. You need an appropriate vehicle for the work it will be performing, the same principle applies to water softeners. You need the appropriate size, and quality water softener to perform efficiently in hard water areas like Eagle Mountain and Herriman in order to last 10-20 years. 

All water softeners will soften water for a time, however your efficiency and longevity are two different subjects. For example you might have a small car that gets great gas mileage, but when you hook a trailer to the back and try to drive through the mountains for some reason your car not only loses mileage but tends to break down. This principle is related to water softeners. Generally the less often a water softener cleans itself or regenerates the longer it will last. In addition the less wear and tear a softener has the longer it will function properly. Similarly to the size of a car and its engine we want to put the appropriate size and quality of water softener into your home with excessively hard water. 

In the water softener industry many people know that some brands of water softeners outlast other brands. All softeners are definitely not made the same. Through my years of experience I have seen other companies water softeners sell from $4000- $6000. This seems to me insane or at the least unreasonable for a few extra bells and whistles on a product. Here at Expert Water Systems we have most of the bells and whistles you could want for about half the price of the big companies. Our systems range from $799.00 to about $2995.00 with up to a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor (one of the best warranties in the industry). To learn more call Expert Water Systems, 801 836 4112