Water Purifiers



Expert water purifier


Water Filters and Water Purifiers are different. Filtered Water means simply reducing contaminants like dirt, debris, and chemicals. A Fridge Filter for example just filters your water. Water Purifiers physically remover much more contaminants than Filtered Water. Minerals, heavy metals, viruses, nitrates, pesticides and many more contaminants are removed through Water Purification. All of this means that Purified Water is much cleaner and safer to drink than just Filtered Water.

 Purified to us means almost crystal clear ice cubes and you know that harmful Bacteria and heavy metals have been greatly removed. No worries about bad contaminants. Purified  what a great feeling and Taste.

We can also run a line to the fridge and remove the need of you ever changing that expensive Fridge filter again.  If you have axcess to the fridge line.

Expert 5 stage water purifier

Expert 5 Stage reverse Osmosis

This is a high end great purifier. It has 5 stages of filtration from simple dirt to bacteria and reduction of heavy metals and chemicals.

We also have special high end faucets to match your own home faucets to look wonderful.

We can custom build purifiers to make them also add minerals to make your purified water become more PH balanced.